so many options, so little time

We live in a time of opportunity, don't we? We can be anything we want to be, do anything we want to do. The possibilities are endless.

Have you ever sat down to watch Netflix with someone and spent the whole time trying to pick a show? There's so many options it's hard to pick one. Or tried to figure out where to go for dinner? Well, you have to pick between Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian.... On and on, options keep coming (though the obvious choice is Mexican food).

I hear it over and over in my generation that sometimes this seemingly endless amount of options can be scary more than exhilarating. If I can do this that or the other, what should I choose? Often it leaves us at a stand still. In the face of so many options we can lose focus and struggle to pick just one thing, so maybe we pick nothing because we are overwhelmed or pick a lot but do nothing well.

I find so much peace this when I think of the hope of heaven. In a time where our bucket list could be miles long I remember where we are going: to a place where all of our bucket list items will be fulfilled. 

I want to see the Great Wall of China someday, but how beautiful a thought that if its not during my short time here it will be with my brothers and sisters on the new earth. 

As I find freedom in this I try to remember to live well while I am here. I have many options but I want to be strategic in what I pick. I want to make the most of my little life here for the glory of God. This means I can't do it all, because I won't be able to do it all, and do it all well. Neither do I want to pick nothing because I'm overwhelmed. Instead I pray I seek to choose each day to live for the glory of God and the love of people, whatever that may mean my days look like. 

And I remember that what I say no to now isn't no to forever. The time will come when our bodies won't grow weary, our time won't be limited, and our desires will be fulfilled.