when you don't believe they can do it...

I think if all y'all saw how gross and twisted my mind is you would be disgusted but just to prove to ya how sick I can be I'm going to confess something. The other day I heard of a person involved in a ministry and I immediately, without hesitation, began critiquing that person, the ministry, etc.

I thought, Wow, he really is not a great pick for that role. I mean he is this and that and has struggled with that for a long time and did they really think this whole thing through?

And then I began critiquing the ministry thinking it was not really that great of a ministry and questioning how effective it was and yada yada yada.

Quickly the Holy Spirit slapped me in the face and put my turdy little judgements to shame. Because I struggled with what he struggled with for a long time. I can be the way he is. What's more, he is awesome in a lot of ways I am way less than awesome.

And then this ministry... In this ministry I really had the Lord shake up my life. I mean, really shake it up. Sure, I wasn't involved for long and there are always a list of "I wish they did this..." or whatever but the main thing is they are Bible-believing, Gospel-preaching sinners trying to love the Lord and others. So what if they don't meet my extremely high and unreachable standards? I don't even reach my standards!

What is beautiful is that the Lord works through us and our mess. It is grace any time someone shares the Gospel and it is heard with open ears. It is grace any time a ministry exists and functions. Because we screw things up. We are not good enough. We forget and strive and are jealous and judgmental and selfish. But yet the Lord knows our frame. And he still loves us. And he still chooses to use us for his work---for the advancement of his Gospel, for the praise of his glory!

So I now look at him and I look at this ministry and, honestly, I don't praise them and how equipped they are or how effective they are. I look and I praise God for taking him and using him! For using his flaws and using his really awesome traits. I thank God for taking this ministry and working despite the people in it but also for working through the people in it. They are being faithful and for that I am thankful!

Before we reflect on how well someone would do in a ministry, or how well we would do, we must remember that if anything of benefit, if any advancement of the Kingdom happens, it is because of God. Never us.

Because of this we can trust him more than we trust ourselves. You don't feel qualified? You aren't. You can't do it. But the Lord is the one who will work. He will provide you the grace and strength to keep on, keepin' on.

I cannot trust people, but I can trust my God. And in that I rejoice!

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