in review

This week I got through Halloween eating not a single candy. Whole 30: I came and I conquered. Halloween falling on my last week of Whole 30 was like the final test and I passed. Now pass the Sour Patch Kids.

This week I listened to a lecture by a Holocaust survivor. This is probably the last chance I'll have to hear from a Holocaust survivor. Always an inspiring and sobering experience.

This week I have tried to get through a single sit up without having the Gabinator lick my face off. Still hasn't happened. Still not mad about it.

This week I've loved cooking with Billie Holiday and Bob Dylan playing in the background. I've been eating sweet potatoes like a mad woman.

I've read a lot from the Psalms, reflecting on the greatness of the Lord in creating the universe and caring for man.

And finally, this week I've been thankful to have attended a school in which holds these kinds of people: dinos at the gym. (Picture sent by my best pal Sadie)