having hope

The election has come and gone, and it was anything but quiet. It was like a day care full of screaming children with weary and anxious parents watching the madness.

Did it feel more like a crazy reality TV show rather than a political event to you like it did me? I was just waiting for Snooki to make a guest appearance.

Or maybe even a prank and we were just waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out.

Whatever you believed or felt I am sure you can agree that this campaign was one for the history books. Maybe it kept you up at night. Maybe you went to vote and knew exactly who you wanted or maybe you went and had no clue or maybe you just didn't even go vote.

Does the word hopeless come to mind when you think of this election? Of America's future?

It's in these times that I have to remember that my life is not about the American dream. It is not about having it easy. It is not even about me having freedom via politics. It is about Christ.

We may have feared what this election would mean for our future---what things will change, how our government may be turned upside down---but we can rejoice in the fact that our position before God has not changed because Jesus made the perfect sacrifice in our place and we are safe in this. It will not change. As a believer we are holy before God because Jesus stands in our place.

What does this mean for us? No one, no government, no president, can take away our eternal security. Our future is assured. 

So you fear what will happen now? What this will mean for us?

Though we might fear what our future on earth will look for the remaining of our life here we do not have to fear where our home is.

So what does this mean for us now?

We must realize our purpose is not the American dream and things going our way. I am not saying you shouldn't protest or voice beliefs or be politically minded or enjoy the freedom we have, but also realize that even if the worst thing you can imagine happens in America it is not the worst thing. The worst thing would be eternal separation from the Father.

Our country's restlessness should also drive us to get out of our comfort zone. John Piper wrote a beautiful piece about this. You can find it here.

Paul also spoke of encouraging believers with the hope of home, of heaven. Let us do this. I have heard so much of people saying, "Well if this person is elected we will be set," as if a person can truly guide our future. The sovereignty of God is not mentioned, and the truth that this world is not our home is seemingly forgotten.

We should not expect our life here on earth right now to be perfect. We shouldn't expect it to be the way we would like it. It's not home. It is not yet redeemed.

Believer, take hope that our future is secured.