whole 30

I can almost hear Bon Jovi belting out Livin' on a Prayer as I type this. I am officially 2 weeks & 3 days into the Whole 30 & although currently I should be feeling tiger blood, which is basically when you are a strong, independent woman who don't need no sour patch kids, but I am feeling more like a sugar-crazed person at the moment. At this point in the year many may begin dreaming of a White Christmas; however, I am dreaming of white sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, sugar on my Frosted Flakes, the sour sugar at the bottom of sour candy... You get it.

Whole 30 was a piece of cake (oh shoot, now that we mentioned cake I really want some) for the first 2 weeks but the past few days I have been on the struggle bus. But I will push through. Unless of course someone offers me key lime pie with extra whipped cream. I really don't think I could handle that sort of temptation.

To give an idea of what it is has been like here is a brief synopsis:

Week one: I felt good. I was eating a lot. Lots of veggies & fruit. Fruit on fruit. I felt somewhat tired and a little irritated on some days. Overall, it was easy breezy.

Week two: I got some more energy & my face seemed to be clearing up and kind of dewy. I did lick a spoon of peanut butter after making one of the kiddos a sandwich. Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

My meals are fairly consistent:

breaky fast: it literally never changes. a smoothie full of spinach, romaine lettuce, a little bit of fruit (either berries or a green apple), flaxseed, barley green, beet powder.

lunch mas: it is usually one or two of the following: a salad with chicken. sweet potato fries. meat & veggies.

din din: always something different but always a variation of veggies and meat. tonight I had tacos in a romaine lettuce leaf. there was beef, onions, guac, pico de gallo, salsa verde, & mushrooms. :)

image & recipe for whole 30 approved coconut lime chicken: source