Lately I've been...

listening to: my boy Bruno's 24k Magic on repeat.

reading: this book that takes a biblical approach to fighting the sin of the fear of man. the approach? fear God. it's that simple, and yet that hard. also, super cute when wild child (the ten-year-old I nanny) looked at the title & said, "oh, they mixed that up. it should be god is big and people are small).

sipping: mint tea. it smells good, tastes good & keeps my hands warm now that it's getting chilly.

laughing with: the podcast front porch with the fitzes. this mother, son, daughter trio has me crying from laughter often. I love listening to it as I am dropping off kiddos at basketball practices or voice lessons, when I am trying to find a sock's long lost mate, or just enjoying some quiet while the littlest sleeps & everyone else is gone. they encourage listeners to listen to 3 episodes and you'll be hooked. i was hooked at numero uno.

anticipating: the gilmore girls return!!!

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