Lately, I've been....

reading: this book & it's changing the way I look at sanctification & the Holy Spirit's role in my life. I find myself arguing with Mrs. Barbara-why-you-got-to-be-so-right-Duguid, & then in the next sentence I am praising the Lord for giving her the wisdom to understand what she does, the courage to write, & my SFBFF* who gave it to me for my birthday.

wearing: okay, so I live in jeans (don't we all?) but I can never find jeans that look right on me, are comfy, & don't cost all the $$$. for the past few years I have worn Old Navy jeans & snag them when they have a sale where they are only fifteen bucks, but when I went on a trip to Minot for my birthday I picked these up from Target & I'm hooked. I've worn them almost every day since & I ain't ashamed.

watching: the new Longmire season!

day dreaming: of moving to a crappy, expensive apartment in Brooklyn. or a fun & quirky place in louisville. or backpacking through europe for a month. or going to israel for a couple weeks. or all of the above!

*Super Fab Best Friend Forever

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