where do we put our hope?

Remember that time Jesus met up with the rich young ruler? The rich young ruler who had lived a good life but then Jesus told him to give all his stuff to the poor. Remember how he couldn't do it? He loved his stuff too much.

I like a lot of what Jesus has to say. But then he starts talking about money & belongings & living in a way where you are free to give to fellow believers, to the poor, to your enemies & I start to not like what he is saying. Because what he is saying, how he is saying to live, it means I have to change some things, go without some things, be a little uncomfortable.

I've written about materialism before & I probably will again because I live in a land of plenty which means I must continually do a heart check. I must continually ask myself if I am putting my hope in stuff, if I am obsessed with stuff more than Jesus, if I am giving to others more than giving to myself... am I giving at all?

I grabbed a Hubert's lemonade bottle I had saved recently & took off the cap to fill it up with much better lemonade (Simply Lemonade with mango, y'all. Game changer). Under the cap it said this: "Consuming this product may cause joy."

I laughed at this & wondered who in their right mind truly thinks lemonade would give them joy. I stopped myself. How often had I looked to stuff to give me joy? How often had I bought a new outfit, a new gadget, a new pair of shoes & thought Man, this is it. This is the thing. I won't need anything else after this.

I wrap up my hope in this thing, this inanimate object, praying it'll fix everything. News flash: it won't.

What is our hope? Jesus. What will always be our hope, when the clothes wear down or don't fit or go out of style? Jesus. What will be our hope when that gadget breaks or is 4 upgrades behind? Jesus. What is our hope when our job doesn't pay much? Jesus. What is our glorious hope when we give our money to the church, to missions, to the widows & orphans, to the laid off friend, to the hosting the unlovable right alongside the loveliest? Jesus.

Only Jesus remains. What a blessed truth! What a truth worth repeating over & over, meditating on each moment of the day! In a world where nothing stays the same, nothing lasts forever we can hold fast to the fact that Jesus does. & we can give all we have because the stuff is not worth of putting our hope in, only Jesus is.

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