the lord reigneth; let the earth rejoice / part two

"the LORD reigneth; let the earth rejoice..." psalm 97:1

I have this nasty tendency toward rebellion. As soon as someone tells me what to do I want to do the exact opposite. I may be dead set on a certain action but as soon as someone tells me I should do it I want to do the opposite.

The Lord is working on this pride and rebellion in me and one of the ways he is doing this is by showing me how sweet submitting to him is. "This God—his way is perfect; the word of the LORD proves true..." Yes, his way is perfect. His way brings life and joy.

Just think about it... friendships full of forgiveness, bearing with one another, and truth spoken in love are good friendships. They allow us to not walk on our tip toes. They free us up to make mistakes, confess them, and be forgiven. Friendships void of slander and deception are friendships that allow vulnerability and trust. There is confidence in those friendships.

To juxtapose this with the way the world and our flesh tells us friendships should like makes the Lord's commandments prove true. The world says think about me, myself, and I. Can I ask you how many friends you have kept when you are living like this? The flesh says to make yourself look better, even at the cost of making others look bad. How much trust do your friends put in you when you live like this? How comfortable do they feel with you?

Jesus said his commandments are not burdensome. They do not lead to a weight on you like sin does. His commandments lead to life, joy, freedom. 

The Lord reigns. He is in control, he is our authority. And in that we can rejoice for when he is in authority and we are submitting to him life can be lived the way it is meant to.