letting God shape your community

I was reading this blog post today and it made me think about my own journey to finding community.

Community can be a hard but glorious thing. We were not meant to do this life alone, but yet our own yucky sin makes doing it with others tiresome and trying.

College brought me what seemed like a lack of community. I really struggled to find that "group" to order late night pizza with, share secrets and clothes with, and travel home with on weekends. Unfortunately, I had created in my head a picture of community and would not settle for anything that didn't come in that box I had created. I spent my first three years feeling like I had no community, but looking back I see where the Lord had placed people to be my community, even though it didn't look how I thought it would.

The Lord had to teach me that community isn't always something you walk into. Sometimes you have to create it. The Lord blessed me with a small group my junior year full of very wonderful, very different people. This small group didn't start off super close but I decided to start having them over one night a week to watch Gilmore Girls. This time bonded a group of girls who would likely not become friends on their own.

This past year I have been beyond blessed with getting to know my two best friends. We were a very unlikely group, but through consistently setting up times to hang out, learning how to love one another, and the Lord's grace they are some of my closest friends.

The Lord also had to teach me that I needed to see things through. I have a tendency to give up if things don't go my way or if things get hard. Often in friendships I would back off if things got hard or awkward. Isn't that horrible? Sin is horrible. But the Lord is teaching me about having grace. About making sacrifices. About letting people be themselves and loving them that way. About being amused instead of irritated about their quirks. About thanking them for being okay with mine.

Let the Lord shape your community. Release your tendency to want to nit pick or be choosy. Cultivate the community the Lord asks of you and embrace it.

(p.s. the picture at the top is from the very first Gilmore Girl gathering!!)