the promises of the Lord

"the words of the Lord are words that are pure, like silver refined in a furnace on the ground, purified seven times." psalm 12:6

Did you ever pinky promise someone something as a kid? Or maybe a friend is sharing something with you and makes you swear, over and over, that you won't peep a word about it to anyone? Or someone asks if you are sitting on the remote and you say no but suddenly they are asking you to get up so they can make certain?

We are not a people who trust. Nor are we a people who are trustworthy.

Hopefully all of us know someone who won't share our secrets. When I think of someone I think of my sister who has a mouth of true discernment. She won't breathe a word about anything you share with her.

But isn't that a hard thing to find in a person? We don't hear of a lot of people going around talking about how trustworthy people are. More often then not we hear of people who are blabber mouths.

People are also undependable. We ask them to meet us somewhere at this time, to help us with this certain thing, and we can't take them at their word. They have to promise us. There has to be some sort of spoken agreement because human kind simply does not have a good track record of following through.

All throughout the Bible we read of a people turning from their old ways and submitting to the Lord... but you don't have to wait long for them to slip up, to prove inconsistent, to give into their old ways.

Look at the above Scripture. "The words of the Lord are pure." They do not come back lacking. When the Lord speaks he speaks with full authority and integrity. You can't poke any holes in what he says. You won't find any excuses in his words. You won't find manipulation.

When the Lord speaks it is like every word is a promise. When the Lord says something you don't have to say, "Okay, but really do you promise that?" All of his words are promises. They are perfect and he his faithful to his word.

Rest in the One who is trustworthy, dependable, and perfect in all he says and does. We can trust his promises and commandments wholeheartedly. Every word is a pinky promise, a trustworthy statement, truth that we can depend on.