I'm alive

Man, it's been awhile! Between work, school, and friends I have little to no time to write.

It's been nice to take a break. I have been learning so much---how to love better, who the Lord is, why I am here---and I have been having way too much fun with friends and family to really miss the whole blog thing.

But still... it's good to write. And it's good to be back.

I am planning on doing some sort of study on the promises of the Lord on this blog. I know I love being able to learn from what other people are getting from Scripture so I thought it might be cool to create some sort of space for that to happen on this blog. And it'll be super nice to be able to look back on this blog again because as nice as it is to have a journal for my personal Bible studies, once there are thirty notebooks on my bookshelf it becomes a lot more difficult to find what I am looking for.

Anyway, this is just a little post stopping by to say I am still alive and that I am excited to get back into the blog grind! Hope you're having a lovely Wednesday!