have a great weekend!

Did you read that quote by Jenna Fischer saying that her and John Krasinski were kinda of in love when making the Office? Well, apparently it wasn't true. Sorry to kill the dream.

Trying to employ a more Norwegian mindset about the winter this year.

Have you gotten onto the adult coloring train yet? A friend from Snowbird is creating cool coloring pages with Scripture on them. Check them out!

So the Panthers are headed to the Superbowl! (If they win will Krispy Kreme sell a dozen donuts for four dollars Monday for a year? Please?!)

Cool calendar for the new year.

An 8-year-old staying at the hotel I work at told me very confidently that she wanted to work at Duke University and study lemurs. Apparently that's a thing. Pretty cool, right? They even give tours.

My mama and I just started this Bible study and so far it's been so good!

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