a person of the book

"incline my heart to your testimonies, and not to selfish gain! turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life according to your ways." psalm 119:36-37

If you are someone who is daily in the Word of God, you well know the effects it has on you when you are not in Scripture. Perhaps there has been a season, even a day or two, where you don't spend time in the Word and the difference is so evident. Time apart from the Bible disrupts your mind, your actions, your words, your peace.

The Word of the Lord has a supernatural effect in the life of a believer. Your Spirit affirms the truth you are reading. There have been times when I am distracted or distraught and just spending ten minutes in a passage that has nothing to do with my situation gives me peace. It redirects me to the true purpose of my life, to the ultimate meaning of this life. It gives me perspective and encourages me. It reminds me of who the Lord is and how worthy he is to place my trust in.

I have some anxieties over my life next year, post-college. One of them is what my time in Scripture will look like. The dawn of a new age (aka no more classes starting at 11 o'clock) means that I will likely have to really prioritize this time in the Word, setting my alarm at a time that I didn't no existed twice in the day.

Even now as a college student it is hard to prioritize this time in the Word. Papers are due, reading needs to be done, the part time job calls, the friends text asking to hang out. Admittedly, even if I carve out a chunk of time to get in the Word, I often feel little drive to read Scripture. I'd rather zone out on Netflix or scroll through my Twitter feed.

I recently told my mentor how unfaithful to Scripture I have been in this season. The second semester of my last year in college came and the beckoning of school work, friends, and distractions called. Sadly, I gave in, not prioritizing the Word of the Lord which is true, brings life, and provides light.

She shared with me her daily routine and I want to share it with you.

Often, the biggest pull to not get up and get in Scripture each morning is the desire to not get out of bed. The lure of sleep, or even just laying there a little longer, is strong. So she suggested not getting out of bed. Have your Bible beside you before you go to sleep and when your alarm goes off sit yourself up against your pillows and spend time in the Word.

I have been doing that this week. I glare at the alarm on my phone as it goes off, stumble out of bed, start boiling water for coffee, and then fall right back into bed. By then I am awake enough not to fall back asleep in bed (hopefully). I pick up my Bible and notebook and begin.

"prone to wander, Lord i feel it. prone to leave the God i love"

Every day when I wake up, I wake up forgetful. Matt Reagan explains, "Somehow during the night I’ve forgotten the big realities about God and the universe and myself and the gospel. I desperately need to steady myself with biblical truth rather than stumbling forward to live from unbelief" (source).

Are you anything like this? I can fall asleep praising God, but when I wake up I wake up like a blank slate with tendencies to lean upon myself and go my own way. I need time in the Word to remember and regain what my Spirit affirms within me. 

This is why time in the Word is so vital to our walk. I encourage you this week to try to set aside time in Scripture and prayer, even just twenty minutes. If you are like me and the getting out of bed is the hard part, then don't get out of bed. Spend time with Scripture in the comfort of your own bed, letting the Word that is "breathed out by God" prove "profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work" (2 Timothy 3:16-17).