In case you missed the all caps, you-can-feel-the-excietement-through-your-computer-screen title: I GOT A JOB! Holla at yo girl.

I am really, really thankful. I had come out to ND thinking I'd get a job within a few days, so when it turned into weeks it got me nervous. I was even praying about leaving here and trying something different for the summer, but was wishing I could stay and find some way to make money, spend time in the midwest, meet new people, spend time with my parents. And now I can! I will be hanging out with two super cute kiddos each day---taking them to the park, playing soccer with them, watching weird kid TV shows with them (seriously, have you seen Nickelodeon lately?)

The past few weeks of idle hands has re-confirmed even more what I already knew: I need to keep busy to keep sane. I don't like having endless amounts of time on my hands. Even more so, I don't like spending all that time by myself (people make things better, y'all). Needless to say, I am excited for Monday morning to come so I can get to work! :)

But I have done some fun things with these schedule-free weeks. I have taken lots of long walks with my Wiggle Butt of a dog, Gabby. I have been out in the sun A LOT... still can't get over how great the summer weather is up here. And my farmer's tanner is looking a bit more even these days. I've ate lots of lunches with mom. And I have tried, unsuccessfully, to hammock. The trees up here are scare, y'all. And when you do find one, a park ranger comes and tells you to take it down so you don't hurt the tree.

This has also been a humbling experience. I have seen how my attitude goes sour when things don't go my way. I shutdown and become very thankless.

This morning I was reading in Phillipians 4 and that tried and true command became so clear to me: "Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say rejoice!" 

We like control. Everyone does. We like feeling that juicing each morning will keep us cancer-free. That if we work hard we will get rich and stay rich. That if we read all the relationship books and go to marriage counseling we will sail through marriage, never expecting too much out of our significant other.

But we cannot control circumstances. We cannot control people. We cannot control our health. We cannot control anything in this life except for one thing: the Lord was, is, and always will be the same. His love is not dependent upon his emotions, how things are going, what we think of him, how much or little we love and serve him. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Are we finding it hard to rejoice in our joblessness? Okay. Well, we can still rejoice in the Lord's sovereign control because that hasn't changed.

Are we finding it hard to rejoice in the fact that so-and-so never called? Fine. But we can rejoice in the Lord's love that directs, consumes, and engages us.

Are we finding it hard to rejoice in circumstances that make us tired or irritable or apathetic (or all three)? Rejoice in the grace of the Lord that not only pardons us but enables us to live a life honoring him.

We may find it hard to rejoice in the stuff of life, but we can always rejoice in the Lord because he won't change.