high five for day five on the elimination diet!

hi friends! long time no see.

i don't have any deep introspective pieces today, only here to discuss my new eating habits as of late. five days ago i started the elimination diet. what is that, you ask? it's a diet removing certain ingredients and foods for 23 days (some do it for a month) and then reassessing to see if you have any food allergies/sensitivities.

for awhile now i, along with some friends, have thought i might have some food sensitivities so i thought i might as well try this out to see the results! i am cutting out gluten, dairy, citrus fruits & soy (as much as i can). and i am on day five! it's going by faster than i thought and it hasn't been as bad as i was assuming it would be.

a few things i have learned and noticed so far:

first, i am CRAZY hungry. almost all the time. i think bread really made me feel full and now that i don't have it i am eating a ton of anything else i can get my hands on! thankfully it's fruits and veggies (cause that's about all i can eat! ha!) but it has been funny to see how often my stomach wants something. i am sure after about a week my stomach will get used to it… hopefully!

second, i have been craving sweets like never before. maybe since i just know i can't have them? haha, i am not sure.

thirdly, speaking of sweets it is really difficult to find dairy free desserts! i found coconut milk chocolate mint ice cream and it was not the best thing ever. i did find chocolate mint candies that are dairy free (i think i have a thing for mint + chocolate) at trader joe's and they taste different from york peppermint patties, but they are something! while at trader joe's i was on the hunt for dairy free caramel candies and couldn't find them anywhere. i finally gave up looking for them and then while in earth fare last night (picking up some lemon balm to help me sleep) i found some caramel candies call cocomels that are made from coconut milk. again, they taste different but i really, really like them! i have already had two today!

fourthly, for that matter, dairy free anything can be a challenge.  a lot of things have milk in them. i accidentally picked up frozen brussel sprouts with butter creme and ended up just rinsing off the creme. you can find things without dairy, you just have to be observant!

finally, i am learning that it is not that hard. i have ate out a few times so far and you have to do research on some places, but most offer options that can fit this diet. i am really excited to see what comes out of it!

i have been keeping a food journal of what i am eating for each meal. here is what i ate day three, just to give you an idea of my meals:

breakfast: coffee
lunch: hamburger (no bread), lettuce. few fries from friend's plate. ;)
snack: larabar & sparkling water.
dinner: broccoli, collard greens & green beans.
dessert: applesauce & peanut butter.

have a great sunday!