i am selfish

"i am selfish," he thought. "this is not a quality that will change when i 'see human suffering' or 'lose my parents' or 'help others.' this selfishness is not only part of me. it is the most living part." (amory in this side of paradise by f. scott fitzgerald)

we are a people of selfishness. from the beginning, when eve took the fruit, thoughts were upon herself not another, not her god. and what will change this beast in us? not loss, nor seeing poverty, nor charity. only christ and his redeeming work can save a wretch such as us.

the fight for power, the action of demanding, the sense of entitlement does not stop once we leave childhood. it is only transformed when we are converted and the work of sanctification begins.

the difficult bit is this: we do not try to be selfish, we simply are. the beautiful part, though, is this: we do not try to be a child of god, we simply are, not on our own work or merit but because in his divine sovereignty, justice and grace christ made a way for the wretch to be made holy, the sinner to be forgiven, the filthy rogue to be made pure.

"for this i toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me." -1 corithinans 1:29

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