// why i love coconut oil //

i am sure you have heard some one talk about coconut oil and its many uses. well, here is one more! :)

about three years ago my face got CRAZY with acne. it was so annoying! any of y'all that have had acne know how horrible it can be. you feel too self-conscious to go out without make up on, you think everyone is looking at, you don't like yourself in pictures, etc. etc.

well, that was me. i covered my face up each morning and i envied anyone with clear skin. and i was trying EVERYTHING to get it sorted out. i tried the yes to tomatoes acne kit and that helped a little bit, but still acne was there. i tried clearsil acne face mask. i tried neutrogena. i was trying it all.

finally, one night when i was home my mom looked at my face after i had washed it and told me it should not be as red as it was. i told her my face always is super red after i wash it; i thought it was just what happened after you washed your face!

the next day we went and got cetaphil because she had heard several dermatologists say it was quality and gentle. i started using that and then went and bought some coconut oil for moistrizer. and my face cleared right up! (i used clearsil acne pads every morning and evening but have since stopped.)

i also started using vitamin e oil because it has many benefits and one of them is clearing up acne scars!

so basically what i am saying is this: if you have acne and sensitive skin, try some good, natural coconut oil and then sit back and be amazed! 

here is my normal routine:

mornings/// wash face with cetaphil cleanser. massage coconut oil on face. run washcloth under warm water and sit on face for ten seconds then dry face.

evenings/// same as morning but after drying face i massage a bit of vitamin e oil on face.

p.s. for coconut oil make sure to get unrefined!