to pops on his birthday

dear pops, you are now half way to a century! is that crazy or what? you have taught me so much through the years and i could not even begin to unpack how thankful i am for you. but here is one: do you remember when i was in high school and would wake you and mom up in the wee hours of the night so you could listen to some song i just wrote? i would sit and play some silly little bit on the guitar and you never sounded mad that i woke you up. you never acted irritated or anything. but you always encouraged me. and do you remember the many times i got all dressed up for prom or a night out or something? and i would come in and you would have me twirl around and in your eyes i was perfect. and that is how it is supposed to be. and i am sure you remember how many times you have laughed at my not-so-funny jokes or listened to my stories over and over. one of the things i am most thankful for is you always delighted in me. you were always ready to hear that song, or see me in that dress, or laugh at a joke. you never were impatient or irritated with me. and that helps me so much when it comes to my relationship with the lord. because i know you, as my earthly father, are delighted in me, it is a bit easier for me to understand that my heavenly father is too. thank you for this sweet gift. i love you so much, pops. your sunshine