twenty /// part two /// a letter to the year to come

dear year to come,

i recently talked a bit about the faithfulness of the lord in this past year (you can read all about it here). i now want to talk about a few things that i am excited for in the coming year. in a way it is like a bucket list of sorts for the coming year. also, in a way it simply a list of things that i want to prioritize. because i just turned twenty there will be twenty things. maybe you should try it out! i always think it is so good to write out your goals and see them daily to remind yourself of what you want to be pursuing.


1 /// see noah gunderson & the avett brothers live.

2 /// read through the whole bible. have you done this? i haven't and man has the lord been showing me how important this is. it seems like every time i talk with someone about the gospel they bring up reading through the whole bible. seriously, every sermon i have heard is on the importance of it. i visited summit church in raleigh for my birthday get away and the pastor, j.d. greeir, brought up an interesting point. if i claim that the bible is my ultimate authority, yet i haven't read it all, what does that say about my first statement? anyway, i am currently in leviticus and so far it has been so good learning about the isrealites and their struggle and discontentment, about cain and able and how comparison is like poison, about the specifications of the temple and how even that parallels how i live even today. i am also reading through jim elliot's journals and he was going through the bible so it is cool to read leviticus 4, as i did today, and then read what jim thought. boy, was that man wise!

3 /// finish the lord of the rings series. it has to be done.

4 /// go fly fishing in montana.

5 /// visit canada. (once again, four and five prove that there are perks to your parents living in the middle of nowhere... aka north dakota).

6 /// read all of elisabeth elliot's books (passion & purity, let me be woman and discipline are all that's under my belt thus far).

7 /// learn the mandolin (i know a few chords so far!)

8 /// live in haiti for the summer.

9 /// get a good family picture.

10 /// call friends more. write letters to friends more. visit friends more. seeing as my friends seem to be getting further and further away as time goes on, i want to make sure i prioritize them... even if it's just a quick chat on the phone every few weeks!

11 /// work through the heart issues. the lord is convicting me of so much in my life, and sanctifying me which is beautiful and messy and painful. how vital it is to capture my thoughts into the obedience of christ has become so evident in the past few months. just as it says in genesis 4, we must be ruling over sin, because it lurking all around us, ready to devour us.

12 /// continue in the cultivation of spiritual disciplines.... time devoted to intentional prayer, deep study of scripture, fasting, meditation and memorization of scripture.

13 /// use the money i have well.

14 /// de-clutter regularly.

15 /// make up bed every day. i have been really good about this since school started and, especially since my place is teeny tiny comfy, making up the bed makes a HUGE difference (plus, i am always ready for company!)

16 /// create an etsy shop to sell scarves and cards for time in haiti.

17 /// bring more plants in the home.

18 /// work on learning a new language.

19 /// write every day. even if it's just a little.

20 /// cultivate the kind of language that affirms people, builds them up, encourages them, is merciful and gracious and speaks truth to them.

/// what things are you excited for this coming year? what things do you want to keep as a priority? ///