sending hope

as you might have read in my post about twenty things i am excited for in this upcoming year (you can read it here), one thing on the list is to live in haiti for the summer. what will i be doing you ask? working at an orphanage is the dream.

plans are still in the works. i hope to head down for a week in the winter to meet the staff of the organization i will be going through, get a feel for haiti, understand a bit deeper what i will be doing. i am super excited and cannot wait to see what the lord has in store!

i am hoping to raise some money for the trip, and one way i hope to do this is by an etsy shop! i have always loved making letters look pretty and i thought that this would be a perfect opportunity to use this passion in effort to earn support.

right now in the shop i only have cards----greeting cards, just because cards, jane austen says "i love you" better than anyone on this planet ever has cards.... soon, i hope to have prints and journals and even scarves up!

i would love if you would buy a card or two and support me. i appreciate those of you who read this. it is so encouraging to stir each other on, isn't it? this little place called my darling nest is just one way we can do this.

my shop on etsy is called sendinghope and you can find lots of cards for sale here.

thanks for reading and supporting,

savannah layne