our duty & his kingdom

there is some kind of a sweet innocence in being human- in not having to be just happy or just sad- in the nature of being able to be both broken and whole, at the same time.” -c. joybell c.-

what a beautiful and precious gift we have---life. life and living, yet how often do we only go through the motions because the kids have to get to soccer practice and the paper needs to be written and dinner needs to be made by six so don't talk to me about savoring each moment, i have places to go and people to see and a to do list as long as the appalchian trail.

yes, yes, i know. life is busy and as much as we say we hate the busyness, we also sort of love it, don't we? because when someone asks how we are doing and we reply "busy" it sounds kinda nice to the ears, doesn't it? like we are important; needed.

jesus had a lot to do, didn't he? read the gospels and you'll find jesus trying to get away to himself and still the people are pursuing him. just like we feel sometimes, jesus had little time to be quiet and relax. but still he was at rest.

still, in the midst of all the chaos jesus was at peace. yes, he is the prince of peace. he did all the duties given to him by the father with heaven on his mind, eternity on his heart. and that is what we must do: realize that even in the driving the kids to school, studying for biology, grilling the chicken for dinner we are doing the duties the lord has given us and the heart must be fixed upon the eternity in this duty, the heavenly purpose in our purposes.

and still we must remember that jesus was okay with stealing away for a morning with his father. he was okay with taking a moment to weep over loss. he was okay with relaxing by the table, eating delicious foods while having delicious conversation with friends.

even in the middle of your busyness, find rest. let yourself savor the life you are given, the friendships you've been gifted, the laughter you can have among loved ones. and do all that the lord has given you with your eyes toward his kingdom.

/// do you find it hard to find rest in the busyness? do you like saying your are busy? when you are cleaning or cooking or studying or working do you find yourself focusing on how much you have to do or how this is for the kingdom? ///

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