i'm gobbling down caramel chews like it's my job and contemplating people and how beautiful they are. what a sweet and precious gift the lord gave us to be among people, have the ability to cultivate relationships with people, have conversations and connections with people.

my mama and i were talking recently on the phone and i asked her what things she misses from her little carolina town now that she is living in the middle of nowhere (aka north dakota). she named the fact that a target is fifteen minutes away in carolina and not two hours away like where she is at now (i remember we used to complain about target being fifteen minutes away! those were the days!), a few restaurants we went to a lot.... and then she stopped and said, "truly, all of that stuff doesn't matter. what i miss is going on walks with my friends after work. i miss having cook outs at my brother's"

it's people. it's not the stuff, not the places, not the sights, not the awards... it's people.

i got coffee with a wise woman today. she knows the bible so wells and speaks truth so gently. she told me with a laugh, "i don't know what it is, but when i meet someone i just want to devour them! i want to know everything about them!" why? because people are interesting.

i had a professor in college who made us go around every so often and asked us questions. he said over and over: people are interesting. and the more people answered the more i found it to be true. each person's answer was different. each person's answer was interesting.

do you ever stop and think about how cool people are? how unique they are? how beautiful they are?

even if you think that person has it all together, or that person has all the friends she'll ever need, or even that person has nothing in common with me, stop. ask them a question. invite them to coffee. get to know their heart.

“nobody looks like what they really are on the inside. you don’t. i don’t. people are much more complicated than that. it’s true of everybody.” -neil gaiman