fall break 2014

my fall break was last week which was much needed. i always get this way around october... the leaves are changing colors, the air is a bit more crisp and i just don't want to be cooped up in a classroom listening to lectures.

my friend indy (who has made an entrance on this blog a time or two) came up a few days before my break started. she is moving several hours away (she's only about two now) in a few weeks and this was likely the last time she'd be able to visit. so we made sure to live it up!

because it was pouring her whole stay, we ended up watching a good amount of netflix, ate some good food (coyote's kitchen was new to both of us and is now high up on my places to recommend) and we finished the visit off by ordering from app cookie company, which is a service that delivers delicious cookies right to your door... genius!

on the first full day of my break we drove to indy's cute little home in concord and met up with our friend from camp, leah. we explored an old gold mine town, walked around noda which felt like a tiny glimpse of asheville, ate half priced appetizers at a local restaurant and went to target (living in boone makes going to target a luxury!)

the following day i was headed out but indy and i ended the trip with a picnic by a lake. it was so lovely being with her and leah. friendship is the best, y'all. especially these two friends. while at dinner we went around said what we admired about each person. can i tell you what i love about them?

well indy is hilarious and she will make you blush so hard by how encouraging she is. she also loves people so deeply and is great at showing people. when she sees you she will run and give you a big old bear hug with a smile the size of texas.

leah is sassy and i love it. she is crazy intentional and asks the best questions when you are together. some people try to keep it superficial with small talk, but leah genuinely want to get to know people which makes her so beautiful. she also has the best sense of humor. this girl could make me laugh for days.

i spent the rest of my break in the tiny town of archdale where my grandparents reside. we watched a lot of hallmark movies, gardened a bit, played with their little kitties (i'm now a cat convert) and my mawmaw even surprised me by getting me a heated blanket! it's the best thing ever!!

i took indy to my favorite breakfast joint in boone: melanie's. they have an egg and cheese biscuit that is a little over three dollars that is my go to. also a coffee. refilled several times through out our meal.

while in concord indy took leah and i to gold hill. it's this little town where gold miners used to live and is apparently haunted. basically it's a bunch of old men who sit in rocking chairs and talk about the good old days. we met a man there who had lived in the area his entire life and could go on and on about the stories of the town. p.s. isn't the scenery lovely?   
we ended up taking a walk and passing by some hay bales. so obviously we jumped on some (after a few failed attempts).

/// have you ever expressed to a friend why you love them so much? if so, was it a positive experience? why do you think we don't express appreciation as much as we should? ///