monday musings

i have been studying through romans and today looked at a verse in chapter one about how the people didn't "see fit to acknowledge god." the lord gave me the encouragment that if i am dwelling on his character and learning more about who he is, i will see fit to acknowledge him because i'll realize how great he is and how worthy of trust and authority he is. but the moment i put my mind off of him, is the moment i fall into the lie that i don't need to acknowledge him. (for a great book digging through the characteristics of the lord, read this!)

it tied in so beautifully with what my pastor spoke on yesterday. he is going through the epistles and yesterday unpacked 1 timothy 1:17 (listen to it here).

in other news, i really, really am challenged by psalm 34 each day. continually praising the lord takes discipline! also, my friends were in for the weekend and we did henna last night. mine tells the story of jesus going to the well and finding the woman who has been with many men and is living in shame, desperate for love. he shows her grace and reveals that he is the living water. (you can find awesome hennas to tell stories of the gospel here).

have a lovely monday, folks!