birthday trip to raleigh

birthdays were always a big deal in my family (or at least i liked to make a big deal out of them). i love, love, love birthdays! they are such a fun reason to celebrate and remind you of how special the person you are celebrating is. and what is even better is a good 'ol birthday road trip. which is exactly what i got to do for mine this past weekend!

about a month ago my friend kaity saw that the head and the heart were playing in raleigh (do you know their music? it's soooo good. check it out here) and the date they were playing was the day before my birthday! kaity and i had gone to see them last year with a few friends and thought it would be fun to go again and enjoy the music.

the concert was outside (and i love outdoor venues). it was so lovely. another friend of mine, madison, ended up being in the area so she bought a ticket in advance and we met her there. our seats weren't the best, but the music was grand.

we got to frolic around raleigh, eating at the raleigh times (the chipotle chicken tacos are to die for!), spending way too much money at the world market, and walking around downtown. there ended up being a motorcycle festival going on in the area the same weekend so i'm sure it was hilarious (and overwhelming) for others to watch us three girls trying to navigate the city with a bunch of gruff looking men around us!(p.s. being around motorcycle men made me want to watch wild hogs again so badly!)

before we came home on sunday we got to catch up with our dear friend janea who recently moved to raleigh. she's hoping to work her way into event planning. we ate yummy french toast and sipped delicious pumpkin spice lattes as we talked about her life as she is adjusting to life post-college and all that comes with that. spending time with her was so rich and good and made me kind of freak out about life after graduation!

but this weekend was such a sweet thing to me. this is the first birthday i have spent without any family members and kaity and her family made me feel so special and loved on the day. plus, mama has been sending me lots of little surprises in the mail this past week which has made me the lack of family around more bearable knowing she is making my birthday special even thousands of miles away.

/// does your family have any fun birthday traditions? do you like birthdays? do you like big parties or more intimate ones? ///