July 22 /// 2014

dear father, these past few weeks have been hard and exhausting because i am ever learning just how much my flesh is fighting to win. but that makes you so much sweeter and salvation so much more incomprehensible. thank you for the cross.

dear pops, north dakota weather right now is the best. i pray for you and miss you always.

dear mama, you are in a house! you and pops aren't in a hotel anymore!

dear tara drew, spending this summer with you has been so sweet. your wisdom and kindness inspire me each day.

dear snowbird, where to begin? the past seven weeks have flown by and the lessons could fill a book and the friendships are rich. i want to savor these remaining weeks and now wish they by.

dear manly, i am thankful that you will be a glimpse of how the lord pursues the church. what a beautiful role you play!

dear kiddos, i have been praying for y'all's salvation like a crazy lady lately. being at camp has helped me realize even deeper that the lord saves---salvation doesn't come from a family that pursues the lord. and always i will be praying for you.

dear pinterest, you're awesome.

dear the national parks, I forgot how good your melodies are.

image : pinterest