monday finds

happy monday, friends! today was spent sleeping in (only two more weeks left of this before summer begins and i am camp bound with an early morning wake up call), esther and i enjoying one of our last roommate dates (!!!) by grabbing lunch and enjoying the ac inside (we're wimps and we know it), an exam week care package from mama, a panera study date with a friend who is about to graduate and start life in the real world. how was your monday?

a piece i want to read and re-read. this wonderful lady has great things to say.

this is now bookmarked forever and ever amen.

check out the adorable mama/daughter photo shoot that includes the picture from above!

um. did anyone else know the entire passport to paris movie is available on youtube?! mary kate and ashley fans, where you at?

super cute top.

[what should we know about food] "That it’s precious. We need to pay for it. We need to pay for the food and pay the people who produce it. That’s profound and terribly important. We still think we can get it for free. And you know, it’s that idea that we have been indoctrinated to believe, that food should be fast, cheap and easy. And it’s really that kind of thinking that is destroying the world."

great mother's day gift guide. what are you doing for your mama on sunday?

just bought one of these darling headbands. only 7 bucks with shipping!

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