may 8, 2014

dear jesus, "god our savior and christ jesus our hope," thanks for making the man tozer and his writings. the knowledge of the holy is helping me learn so much of who you are. like i just said on instagram this week, i conform to you, not you to me. p.s. who would have thought i would be where i am at now? only you could have ever known. dear appalachian state, we are coming up on year together. crazy, right? who knows what the next two years will hold for us. dear mama and pops, soon you will be together in north dakota and life will be sweet. dear tara drew, swo is two weeks away! are you ready for no sleep!?! me either... dear keeping up with the kardashians, i hit a low point and tried to watch you. never. again. dear manly, let's not treat each other like the kardashians treat each other. okay? dear littles, tim and em have gotten me so excited for you with their new baby girl, brave. dear josh garrells, you are getting me through these study sessions for exams. dear boone weather, you were perfect yesterday and i spent all day laying on the grass with friends. thanks. dear last weekend in boone for this semester, boy you were a good one. esther and i got to go the art crawl and now we wish we weren't leaving and could go to every first friday! an acapella concert, sleepover with friends, scavenger hunt, being outside. yes, you were sweet. dear reader, may you learn and grow and move and live in the beauty that is the knowledge of our lord.