happy summer!

how is your summer going, friends? by the time you guys are reading this i will be on my second week at the camp i am working at. how are you guys spending your summer?

to keep your hair back on these hot days.

summer means your leg will be a bit more exposed in that cotton dress! here are some great tips on how to get silky smooth legs!

want to try something tasty at this summer's cook out that will leave your guests in awe of your cooking ability?! click here and enjoy. p.s. it's what is pictured above.

this had me laughing out loud.

do any of y'all watch gilmore girls? my friend was dumbfounded when i told her i had never watched it. although, these girls may be my kindred spirits.

if you find yourself indoors this summer and near a computer, why not try watching some ted talks? i've only seen four on the list, although i will say the one by brene brown and the one by ken robinson are both phenomenal and you must watch them (more than once).

cutest little bag you can make all on your own!

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