april 15, 2014

dear jesus, may i know you more fully no matter the cost. dear pops, get to see you soon and cannot wait! dear mama, i got to spend almost three whole days with you (one of which was spent celebrating you!) dear tara drew, we're about to spend our whole summer together and then we will be at the same university for two years. mary-kate and ashley movie marathons all day, every day. okay? dear esther, i am so thankful we got to be roommates. my oh my, if i just look back and see how the lord orchestrated our being together i am at loss in how awesome his plan is. have a lovely summer and i will see you next year and we can have lots of slumber parties in each other's apartments, okay? dear manly, when i meet you i hope i will see why it was at the exact time we were supposed to meet, and not any sooner. dear littles, here are your halloween choices : choice one, choice two,  choice three, choice four.  take your pick. dear spinach, WHY CAN'T YOU TASTE LIKE SOUR GUMMY WORMS.