a letter to april

wow, april is coming to a close which means school is wrapping up and summer is just a hop, skip and a jump away! i haven't really made time to sit and reflect on this past year at appalachian (partly because i can't believe that it's coming to a close) but it has been a crazy ride. the lord has revealed himself so much to me and friendships have formed that i can't imagine not having now. and before i start getting too sappy, here are a few picture memorabilia of this past month.

first on the list : i have a new cousin!!! madelyn hope. isn't she beautiful?

my family's favorite cake that i make and the easy recipe will be posted on here soon.

college is cool because you meet people from all over. like sweet nicole from wisconsin.

coolest picture ever of my sister tara drew.

i could write a whole post about how cool our "roommate story" is. needless to say, esther is awesome and i am so thankful for her sweet spirit.

an easter present from my mama who knows that plants are the way to my heart.