to make the word of god fully known

i was curled up so comfortably, cocooned in the fluffiest blanket, reading from the holiest book, and thought of my brothers and sisters across the globe who are the furthest thing from comfortable in their surroundings. they sit on dirt grounds, cocooned by the threat of disease, persecution, death, and they perhaps can't hold the holiest book, reading from its wisdom, because the money is not there or legality is in question. (and who am i to ever say i suffer for my savior?)

i turn to colossians 1 and draw near to the end of the chapter, reading paul's heart on why he is preaching so fervently, teaching so passionately : "i became a minister according to the stewardship from god that was given to me for you" he writes, "to make the word of god fully known..."

and to make the word of god fully known was paul's calling, my calling, your calling, our calling.

but i go back in my head to what i read earlier this morning as the light flickered in through the blinds and the coffee was a tad too hot to sip and i was still cocooned in warmth and comfort and wealth and extravagance. i go back in my head to what oswald chambers wrote long ago for the day of april 7th. and he compared us to peter, james and john after witnessing the transfiguration. after beholding the lord atop a mountain as he "became radiant" and then began talking to elijah and moses. and all of this beauty and wonder and madness was happening in the hearts of jesus' disciples but he "charges them"  as they head back down the mountain to not tell anyone of what they had seen until the son of man rises from the dead.

and in his little book, chambers says that we must too not saying anything "until the son of man has risen in you."

i continue reading, and chambers speaks of how we are not prepared to receive some things, prepared to know some knowledge "until we are in the right condition of our spiritual life."

and i know this well. i know that before i became a christian, while yet a christian, i wanted to know certain things, grow in the faith in certain things, trust with my whole being certain things, but it wasn't until the lord revealed these things to me could i know (and it was not until i got over my ego and hardness of heart could i know). and i cannot explain the revelation that took place. i can assure you it looked nothing of the transfiguration. it was not a time of grandeur, but simply a dark corner in my soul that the lord finally put light on, or a place of stone that the lord chiseled through. and it was his timing, his sovereign timing, that brought this revelation. it was realizing that my "unyielding and headstrong opinions... effectively prevent god from revealing anything to [me]."

so i know how it isn't until the lord wills and we humble ourselves that we understand. and here chambers tells us that until these things happen allowing the lord to arise in us, we are nothing but mountain top experiences, with little substances. we are simply recounting a vision and testifying to it, "but there is no connection between" the words and the actions of our lives.

so let us humble ourselves. let us quiet our "unyielding and headstrong opinions," asking with meekness if the lord may reveal himself to us. and let us thank him when he does. let us forsake the grand speeches of our mountaintop experiences for true christ rising in our hearts that transforms every part of us. and then, and only then, may we "make the word of god fully known" with confidence and authenticity.

image: tumblr