dear jesus, thank you for continuing to teach me that you stand in my place as righteousness, for teaching me that i am nothing without you and your grace, that your death on the cross was the most mysterious and beautiful and awesome gift, that your resurrection is my only hope.

dear pops, you are in from north dakota for easter and life seems more like how it used to be. thank you for your sacrifice. thank you for being the leader of our family. (and on that note : dear noah gunderson, thank you for making the song "family" because it's making a teary mess of my family).

dear mama, more and more i see just how selfless and beautiful and nurturing you are. they say you learn how to be a good mama from yours, so i hope this is true for me.

dear tara drew, you got all excited about going hiking in boone monday... and then it rained... and we were soaked. but thanks for your enthusiasm and your love of adventure.

dear manly, i have been praying a lot for my desires to be aligned with the lord's. i want to thirst for his fame among all peoples and nations. and as i pray for this, i pray also that i will not let the desire for you and a family and marriage stand in front of the lord. i am satisfied in him alone and i pray i stand true in that.

dear littles that one day (lord willing) will be, i pray for y'all's hearts now. as easter draws near i realize that out of all i can teach you the most important truth i could give you is the truth of jesus and his resurrection.

dear sugar in the raw, i like you. a lot. (click this link for reference) i never really liked sugar in my coffee until i found you. thanks for that.

dear interviewing techniques class, you have a lot going on right now. could you take it down a notch or two?

and finally, dear today's letters, thanks for the inspiration to write these letters.

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