happy tuesday

i feel like my go to get to know someone question is "what are you watching on netflix?" here is wgaw and wgae's 101 best written tv series.

i'm a huge believer that balloons can make a party something special. here is a cool way to make your balloons awesome.

cinnamon french toast bake. enough said.

five ways to breath new life into ordinary days.

mama's day is coming up! i am really liking this card to help show your mama you appreciate her.

did you read the fault in our stars? over spring break my friends and i had a little "book club" passing around the book and reading it. it was phenomenal. are you as excited for the film as i am?

i am trying out african black soap.  i have read a lot of great reviews about this stuff and it's become a part of my nightly routine.

i am not sure how i feel about how these candles would smell, but regardless they have awesome names.

and finally, probably the best thing you will see all day. click and enjoy.

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