a letter to march

i know, i know. it's april tenth. but i haven't had time to really sit down and be on this blog as of late because i have been really, really, really busy. you know, with netflix and stuff. so i am behind. anyway, without further ado, here is my letter to march:

dear march, you've been good to me. i have had more fun times than i can count this past month and learned more lessons about god and family and friends and loving well. there was the sadie hawkins dance which i was completely annoyed with the idea of it at first, but ended up having a better time than i could have imagined. there was cracker barrel. and then more cracker barrel. (and any month with cracker barrel in it is a good month, right?) there was march milkshake mondays at chick-fil-a. there was a trip back to liberty to celebrate the birthday of a good friend. and going back to liberty means going back to the muse and going back to the muse means a mama drama and that is all that matters in life. and there was spring break with eight wonderful women.