thank you

“We seldom think of what we have, but always of what we lack.”- Arthur Schopenhauer

I looked at the ring. It was gold; the only way I like my jewelry. It was simple, it was delicate, it was... 

But didn't I come into this story with the mantra "Nothing for me. Only Christmas shopping"? And haven't I been talking to anyone who would listen about my recently convicted heart that wants so much and is content so little? 

I put the ring down because I did not need it, because I have other rings, because I rarely even wear jewelry, because do I really need this?

I'm embarrassed at how discontent I can be, how much I long for and dream of and hope could be. I'm ashamed at my endless wish list and my barely there thankful list.

And so I thank you, God. In this season of commercialized happiness, this season of endless sales and lists given to Santa for more, more, more. In all of this, in the deepest part of my discontent heart, I cry out thank you. For you are good and it is so sweet to trust you.

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