a golden egg find : the baking bug

this time of year always leaves me bitten by the baking bug. the holiday brings in the longing for warm, comfort food smelling of gingerbread, vanilla, cinnamon, peppermint. what do y'all find yourself making this time of year? any hidden gems worth sharing?

cinnamon roll recipe // i adore cinnamon rolls. if i could have a cinnamon roll cake at my wedding, i would.

carrot cake ice cream & ginger sandwiches // what? carrot cake ice cream?! i love carrot cake but ice cream? definitely worth trying just to see.

cinnamon sugar walnuts // how have i not realized i could make these until now? i could eat these by the bag full.

cinnamon bites // y'all. i'm done. i can't even handle how simple these are to make.

chocolate dipped bananas // the link on pinterest doesn't send you directly to her recipe on these, but don't they look delicious? i'm sure as simple as a banana (likely frozen) dipped in melted chocolate and then sprinkled with nuts as desired. yum!

french toast casserole // what? this might possibly one of the greatest discoveries of man.

image: pinterest