wedding memories

this past weekend a few friends and i headed to the steps of a court house to hear the music of dogwood & holly. the music was great and the company was better.

a few songs in i began to hear the crowd "oohing" and "ahhing." i looked around, ready to see what they see, look upon what they were looking upon. and then i saw it. in the middle of the street, as life buzzed around them and time vanished in their little bubble of a moment without time, was a couple on their wedding day, dancing with a photographer nearby snapping the beauty of it.

the moment was beautiful and serene and full of romance. it was a moment the phone cannot capture and the retold story does little justice.

it made me think about how that will be such a fun memory for them to look back upon, when the years fly by and the children start coming and then the grandchildren are on their way.

do any of you married folks have fond memories of your wedding day?