laughter is the best medicine

it isn't until you have that good 'ol belly laugh that you realize how needed they are.

at times, busyness takes it tole. it can be easy for me to feel overwhelmed by deadlines and to do lists, forgetting to stop and laugh at myself, or watch that funny comedy and giggle, or grab lunch with a friend and laugh the whole way through.

studies even prove that laughter boosts our immunity, lowers stress hormones and relaxes our body's muscles.

do you laugh often? what movies, tv shows or friends get you laughing? why?

if you are in need of a good chuckle when it comes to entertainment, here are some of my go tos:

the pink panther
she's the man
the seven year itch
father of the bride 1 & 2

tv shows:
arrested development
the office
new girl
home improvement
family matters