a golden egg find: my current reads

i have a bad habit of being in the middle of many books at once. oops. here are the books i've been in the middle of lately.

les miserables by victor hugo /// i've been working through this one since the beginning of summer. oops. the story is incredible and once i pick it up it's hard to put it down. but when i do it stays on the bookshelf for a few weeks until i come back to it. but it's fascinating to see how my perception of the characters i watched in the film has transformed after getting more information about them through the book. must read.

one thousand gifts by ann voskamp /// i've been reading through this book for.... about a year now. but that is not to say it is slow or boring. the opposite in fact. like les mis, i often put it down and pick it back up a few weeks later but with this book i also want to go back and re-read all i had previously read because the writing is so good and the concept so full of truth. which means i often end up re-reading and re-reading and never getting any further than before. but please buy this! read this! scribble inside the pages and love this book until it is worn and torn and coffee stained and has seen life with you!

the praise of folly by desiderius erasmus /// this is my fancy pants book. it has large words and larger concepts. i usually have to re-read and re-read and then re-read once more. but i like the challenge, because that's nice when you have grown accustomed to just flying through books without contemplating them more deeply.

the adventures of huckleberry finn by mark twain /// my sister read this novel recently and gave it to me with the words "i fell in love with huckleberry finn" and only ten chapters in i can see where the adoration comes from. this book is great (it's mark twain, duh) and has given me many laughs thus far.

a stranger to self-hatred by brennan manning /// i read the wisdom of tenderness by manning and really liked it. there was so much insight and i left with a lot. unfortunatley, i have struggled through this one. i don't know if i just am not in the right mind set when i read it (it's usually early in the morning when i read this book so maybe i've got the morning grumbles) or i am trying to read it too quickly but little has stuck with me.