a golden egg find: body language

it's no secret that i love studying body language. i tend to steer clear of any crime shows, but can watch lie to me for days simply for the psychology behind it.

in fact, while deciding if i should drop the degree i'm pursing (journalism---which is under the major of communications at my school) for something else i told my sister, "you know, i like communications a lot. but i find i am far more interested in how we communicate, not actually writing newspaper articles and the like."

so if there are any kindred spirits out there who geek out on body language, here are a few resources i have found including a free downloadable ebook from carol goman!

women who lead ebook //// if any of you ladies find yourself in the workplace and wonder how to communicate effectively, this is a good tool. goman points out that men and women do communicate differently (because we are different, right? remember that series on femininity i did awhile back...) but this is not a bad thing. there are perks to both forms and the trick is to find the sweet spot and be a great leader, without being rude, a pushover or ineffective in your communication.

body language and flirting //// this was a pretty interesting article. i never thought of several of the things this psychologist pointed out to make your date feel more comfortable.

body language //// wondering if the person interviewing you for that job, scholarship or school is into you? this article will give ya a few tips to look for.

ted talk //// i think i have posted this ted talk about body language before because i admittedly have watched it several times. it is informative and interesting and just darn good.

body language related to our shoulders //// who would've thought that our shoulders could communicate so much---even protect us! joe navarro, the man who wrote this article, has interviewed many criminals in his day and asked how they picked their victim. navarro claimed that "over and over three things stood out, how their victims looked (frail, weak, not athletic), their overall situational awareness (never go after someone who sees you first), and their arm swing (vigorous arm movement or passive subdued)." who would've thought our body language could communicate so much!

from afar //// think that people just start interpreting your body language after you shake their hands? think again.

okay, that's it enough for one day.

do you guys find body language interesting? do you think you have positive body language? or that you send off negative vibes? 

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