thank you, god, for mothers like the sea

I hear her shushing
As I enfold my head into her bosom
And gasp out sorrow-filled breaths

The sea pours out from my eyes
And soils her green dress
But she does not care
She only whispers “shhhh”
Which speaks more comfort
Than “I love you” every could

I ask her why she makes that noise
Why she says “shhhh” each time I grow sad
And she tells me it is because
She is making the noise of the sea
The sea that engulfs all in its waters
Waters of peace
And waters that mend
Broken hearts, skinned elbows and battered souls

Salt water is known to cleanse
It gets rid of the bad
It heals, it mends
And as the sea pours from my eyes
And I hear my mother whisper the sea’s lullaby
I realize that through this
By this
From this
I am being healed
I am being set free
I am whole because she is the sea