hello, autumn!

a few days ago james from bleubird posted a list of things she is excited for as the leaves change colors and the air turns brisk. i really liked the list and set up of it, so i am going to borrow it and add in my own reasons for excitement.

eating / soups and donuts (duh).
drinking / pumpkin lattes! apple cider, hot cocoa.
practicing / being selfless and loving without expectations.
mastering / the art of a good sleeping schedule.
learning / how to write poetry better.
playing / outside in this beautiful area.
finishing / biology. ugh.
reading / the wisdom of folly by erasmus and altered by claire & eli.
walking / around campus with the trees full of leaves ablaze with color, mug full of coffee in hand and friends in arm.
wearing / scarfs and sweaters and wool socks and flannel.
cooking / cookies.
working / on school work and blogging more regularly.
traveling / to see my friends and family and more of the maker through his creation.
wanting / to laugh more.