birthday surprise

this past weekend i got to celebrate my birthday with a dear friend whose birthday happens to be six days before mine. erin and i met at school last year and it was instant friendship.

both living off campus our freshman year we felt a bit disconnected from student life. we were both in the same boat of adjusting to college and attempting to get comfortable with a time that can be very lonely and challenging. but her friendship was a breath of fresh air.

even though we are now at different universities i still thank god each day for her life and the blessing of having it intertwined with mine.

this past friday, around ten o'clock at night, i snuck up behind her and got to see the look on her face as she processed the surprise of seeing me. it was such a beautiful and fun weekend. we got to see gorgeous creations, drink yummy drinks and catch up about the past few months (we haven't seen each other since april!)

thank you god for friendship and coffee and surprises and birthdays and kindred spirits.