a golden egg find: happy weekend links

the week has gone by fast---full of due dates and coffee dates and mental breakdown dates---but alas i am on the edge of the weekend's glory ready to jump head first into its beckoning of relaxation and pumpkin lattes and rest. are you as ready for the weekend as i am?

rose & crown's pictures are always lovely, but these just speak to my heart more than most.

plexida's hair accessories on etsy are to die for. i just purchased this one i've been swooning over in burgundy.

i like this simple look for the wedding day.

i'm fawning over this sweater over at modcloth (get it? fawning?)

want to some habits of happy people? here ya go.

have any of y'all tried the clarisonic? it's a splurge, but my birthday is coming up and thinking of biting the bullet.

i've heard these a few times but it's always good to go back and read them as a reminder of what's important in life and what isn't.

best signs to warn people against ringing the doorbells!

grumpy cat always makes my day.

have a lovely weekend, friends!