the heart

the heart thirsts for community. yearning for companionship it consumes friendship with gusto.

but then the heart is hurt by another heart. that community sure does not seem so brotherly and sisterly. that companion turns into an enemy. and the heart grows cold and sad and hurt and bitter.

and the heart turns away, burying itself in hobbies and classes and work and duties.

it is lost in an abyss of small talk about the weather and your new job. it is stuck on the train of vain chatter, destined to a life spent on the track of the futile with no stops and no detours.

and the longer that heart is turned away from community, the less of a heart it becomes.

for only in the presence of others, only in the vulnerable, messy, painful, beautiful life lived with other hearts does a heart come alive, bursting forth as a happy fish leaps from the sea and then dives right back in.

and by the end of a heart's life that has been spent in community the heart will know much pain. it will have many stories of hurt and rejection and betrayal and manipulation.

but oh that heart, that beating, beautiful heart, will know much authenticity. much love. much forgiveness. much laughter. much joy. much playfulness. much depth. much life.

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