the cruelest evil

"The world as it is being lived just now has become a complete absurdity." -Erasmus

Yes, the world is going bonkers. But so easy is it for me to cast a finger at those around me yet forget to reflect on my own ways and sins and habits and wrongdoings.

At the surveying of my own soul I find one of life's greatest sins, perhaps humanity's cruelest evil. At its hands people starve, children week and the lonely remain lonesome. Because of this wretched beast God goes forgotten and people die with a list of regrets.

This varmint of soul is a creature hidden. He rarely gets warned against at the pulpits. No, the preachers use their breath for his children: deception, gluttony, addiction, sexual immorality...

Yet their father is much greater. For the root of these wicked deeds is Apathy.

I have wasted much of my time because I was slow dancing with Apathy. I have seen friendships crumble because of my infatuation with the sexiness of Apathy. I have glanced over people with hurting, broken, beautiful hearts for my time seemed better spent swimming in the quiet pool of Apathy.

I am sorry, Abba. How could I be so wretched?

Forgive me. I know such behavior you spit out of your mouth. Thank you for your grace and mercy and forgiveness.

Set my feet on the path of Purpose. Fill my heart full of Understanding, Wisdom and Discernment to see the hurting and help them, to find the broken and love them.

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