my one life.

This is it. My one life.

Right before me, all around me.

My life does not begin when I find that man who eats breakfast with me at each meal. My life doesn't begin when I have little ones at my feet and a littler one in my belly. It does not begin when I write words that somehow, someway change a reader's way of looking at things. My life does not begin when I can slip on that dress in the back of my closet, hidden from my eyes and my shame. My life does not begin when I hold the keys to that beautiful home that has the stories of the past etched into every creak on the floor and rip in the wallpaper.

No. My life is now.

In progress, already happening so you better jump on this train because it is moving fast and if you don't hop on it'll leave you.

The all-wise Ferris Bueller had it right: life does move pretty fast and if we don't stop to notice it will fly right by, leaving us with empty hearts and heavy regrets.

We can spend the rest of our existence pining for that "thing" that will make our life begin.

Or I can wake up to the fact that this is it. My one life.

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