what if.

What if we got a big house---you, me, and a few other couples who just love Jesus, good coffee and long conversations. What if we all lived life together, ate together, drank cheap wine together, raised our kids together, did all of our struggles together. And what if we had open rooms, open couches, open floor space for air mattresses and we let anyone and everyone come and stay with us. We let the passer-throughs, the ragamuffins, the turned away, the lonely. What if our home was a shelter for those chased by addiction, bad luck and their past. What if our home was full of people just stopping by for coffee unannounced because they knew we would have an open spot for them. What if when people walked in the room we started shouting, hooping and hollering and acting a fool because we were so excited for them to arrive, we were so exhilarated about the fact that another living, beating, beautiful heart was in our presence and we got the opportunity to love on them. What if we rose every morning and greeted the day with the question, "God, what do you want me to do for your kingdom today?" What if we met the sunrise with trumpets and banjos and violins and our voices and we praised God in the dawning of the new day? What if no one entered or left without a hug, without an "I love you" or "You are truly liked among us." Do you know how that would change, wreck, transform people's lives and hearts? God's love manifested in his children, his servants, his beloved ones. When a newcomer came in town and asked about us the locals would say, "They sure make a ruckus and they sure know how to love." What if we put our money together and from it wells were made in third world countries, couples got to adopt an orphaned child, the homeless got a fresh start? What if the rug entering our house did not say "Welcome" but instead "You are welcome here---anytime, in any state, needing anything. My friend, you belong here." What would that look like? Is it possible? Do you want to try?

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